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What Students Are Saying

Blue Cats Eye Workshop

by Aimee Veitch

Joanne's workshops are amazing! Well planned out and delivered in a way that everyone felt comfortable. The session wasn't rushed so we didn't feel pressures to do everything quickly. I really enjoyed the group workshop!

Blue Cats Eye Workshop

Louise Heaps

Wow! I loved my art lesson with Joanne creating a cat’s eye. I was blown away by my own work! I’ve not done an art lesson since year 9 (that’s a lot of years ago) and I always considered myself as a bit rubbish. But with Joanne’s teaching I was able to create something I’m so proud of. So, even if you’re a complete beginner - Joanne will help you create a masterpiece!

Blue Cats Eye Workshop

Moira Barnes

I attended Joanne's workshop that had us recreating a cat's eye. It was a great workshop, where Joanne explained everything with care, and I was amazed at the almost lifelike fur I was able to achieve. The session was really therapeutic and all outside cares in the world melted away and I got totally into the moment. It was superb.

Meet Joanne

Senior Instructor

Joanne Rowland

Joanne is a Professional Wildlife and Pet Portrait Artist, based in County Durham, in the North East of England. She lives with her husband, and her very cheeky West Highland White, Marley. She describes herself as a Self Taught, ‘Accidental Artist’ after being gifted an Art Set for Christmas 2015! She rediscovered a love of drawing, that hadn’t been seen since school, over 30 years previously. Her work, both private commission and wildlife, is now held in many Countries across the world. She endeavours to capture realism, detail and personality in her work; her chosen mediums are usually Artists Coloured Pencil (Water and Traditional) or Pastel. Her inspiration is drawn from the local wildlife, species of significant importance, and African Wildlife from her numerous visits to the South African bush. You can find Joanne at her Website, YouTube and on Social Media by searching @Joanne Rowland Art